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Тест: Water Pollution

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Water pollution is a significant problem in many parts of the world. It occurs when chemicals, trash, or other harmful materials get into the water supply and affect the quality of the water. Water pollution can come from many sources, including factories, farms, and households.

One of the most significant sources of water pollution is industrial waste. Factories often produce chemicals and waste that are dumped into nearby rivers and lakes. These chemicals can cause serious harm to the animals and plants that live in and around the water. They can also make the water unsafe for humans to drink or use for other purposes.

Another significant source of water pollution is agricultural runoff. When farmers use pesticides and fertilizers on their crops, the chemicals can seep into the soil and make their way into nearby bodies of water. This can harm fish and other aquatic animals and can also make the water unsafe for humans to use.

Finally, household waste can also contribute to water pollution. When people dispose of trash, chemicals, or other waste improperly, it can end up in rivers, lakes, and oceans. This can have a devastating impact on the environment and can make the water unsafe for humans and animals.

Water Pollution - тест


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